Route Information

Stage 8: Gwel-an-Nans to Colliford Tavern
Saturday 9 April 2011

Join the Trail

You are invited to join us for these 7.2 miles to Colliford Tavern. Walkers should meet promptly at the start point (Gwel-an-Nans Farm Camp Site) by 9:00am.

Get directions to Gwel-an-Nans Farm Camp Site.


No session planned for this stage.


The trail will be spending the night following this leg at Colliford Tavern Camp Site.

Other Information...

On this day, the sun is due to rise at the start point for this stage (Gwel-an-Nans) at 06:40 BST.
The sun is due to set at the end point (Colliford Tavern) at 19:59 BST.

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Indian Queens to Gwel-an-Nans
Stage 8:
Gwel-an-Nans to Colliford Tavern
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Colliford Tavern to Altarnun

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Messages of Support

Chris Barnes

Chris Barnes
Hope you didn't oversleep after last night!!!!!! It was an amazing session, my voice is gone today from shouting (can't call it singing!) Keep up the good work, happy walking!!!!

Ray and Angie

Ray and Angie
We are looking forward to tonight's session in the New Inn.

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