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Stage 5: Magor Farm to Truro
Wednesday 6 April 2011

Join the Trail

You are invited to join us for these 14.3 miles to Truro. Walkers should meet promptly at the start point (Magor Farm Camp Site) by 9:00am.

Get directions to Magor Farm Camp Site.


No session planned for this stage.


The trail will be spending the night following this leg at Truro Caravan Park.

Other Information...

On this day, the sun is due to rise at the start point for this stage (Magor Farm) at 06:49 BST.
The sun is due to set at the end point (Truro) at 19:56 BST.

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St. Ives to Magor Farm
Stage 5:
Magor Farm to Truro
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Truro to Indian Queens

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Ober da! Nag eus bus 'England and Scotland' rag agas folktrail? Mes hwi a wra kerdhes yn Kernow enwydh!
Chons da!

Dinah LeHoven

Dinah LeHoven
What a wonderful idea. I'm sorry I'm on the wrong side of the ocean to meet up with you at any point - but best wishes from Pasadena, California.

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