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Stage 39: Crowden to Standedge
Tuesday 10 May 2011

Join the Trail

You are invited to join us for these 11.9 miles to Standedge. Walkers should meet promptly at the start point (Crowden Youth Hostel (YH)/Camping) by 9:00am.

Get directions to Crowden Youth Hostel (YH)/Camping.


All welcome to join the evening session at The Carriage House, Standedge.

The Folk Trail walkers aim to join the session at around 9pm at the latest. However, the session should start before this time - please telephone the venue directy for more information: 01484 844419.

Get directions to The Carriage House.
Print pdf publicity for the session

Visit the website of The Carriage House for more information about this venue.


The trail will be spending the night following this leg at Standedge Pub (Camping at the session venue).

Other Information...

On this day, the sun is due to rise at the start point for this stage (Crowden) at 05:19 BST.
The sun is due to set at the end point (Standedge) at 20:49 BST.

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Stage 39:
Crowden to Standedge
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Paul and Hazel

Paul and Hazel

Lovely to spend some time with you lot. Sorry we couldn't stay til the end. Missing the giggles and the cake! Driving back to Devon we still kept saying ' Wow , they've walked all this way!'It's incredible, especially as you've done over 300 miles more than most people who do it! Keep going, the end is in sight now.

Anne &John Roberts

Anne &John Roberts
Not far now. Wish we could be there. Enjoy the last few days. Amazing! Love to you all.

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