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Stage 17: Taunton to Langport
Monday 18 April 2011

Join the Trail

You are invited to join us for these 14.2 miles to Langport. Walkers should meet promptly at the start point (Taunton, Tanpits Cider Camp Site ) by 9:00am.

Get directions to Taunton, Tanpits Cider Camp Site .


All welcome to join the evening session at Eli’s (The Rose and Crown), Huish Episcopi.

The Folk Trail walkers aim to join the session at around 9pm at the latest. However, the session should start before this time - please telephone the venue directy for more information: 01823 481253.

Get directions to Eli’s (The Rose and Crown).
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The trail will be spending the night following this leg at Langport, Bowdens Cr. Camp Site.

Other Information...

On this day, the sun is due to rise at the start point for this stage (Taunton) at 06:14 BST.
The sun is due to set at the end point (Langport) at 20:07 BST.

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Stage 17:
Taunton to Langport
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Jim Causley

Jim Causley
Hello Folk Trailers, how's Kernow? Just wanted to let you know i think you're completely mad but jolly good luck to you anyway! I find a week of Sidmouth and then Dartmoor exausting enough without walking 20 miles everyday to boot! Also wanted to let you know i've given you a massive plug on the Mike Harding Show which will air on Wednesday 20th at 7pm BBC Radio 2, woohoo! See y'all when you hit good ole Devon! Best wishes - Jim x

nick and pam

nick and pam
Have been thinking about you all day with the weather you are getting seems you are up to everything that is thrown at you,keep on going Cornwall seems a long long way away

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